Pregnant Mother care

Being a mother is priceless and pregnancy is the most significant period of a woman’s life. The best care and support is essential.
Therefore, We at Al Hanan Home nursing provide support and guidance throughout the different stages of your pregnancy, especially when there are medical conditions complicating the pregnancy.

Pre-natal Care (Before Birth)

Prenatal care helps decrease risks during pregnancy and increases the chance of a safe and healthy delivery. Our highly trained nurses provide personal care in the form of emotional and physical support for women during their pregnancy and thereby helping them to avoid pregnancy related stress and health issues.

Postpartum Care (after birth)

While most attention to pregnancy care focuses on the nine months of pregnancy, postpartum care is important, too. The postpartum period lasts six to eight weeks, beginning right after the baby is born.


During this period, the mother goes through many physical and emotional changes while learning to care for her newborn.


Postpartum care involves getting proper rest and nutrition. Our trained nurses take the utmost care to provide them with an environment suitable for their own care as well as their baby’s.


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