Learn How You Can Get Home Healthcare Services In the UAE

Old age can restrict your mobility. Physical challenges are also a result of injuries, and they can confine even the most determined individual to a wheelchair or a bed. If you’re experiencing physical problems that prevent you from moving freely, then you should consider hiring the services of an in-home healthcare service provider. It’s currently one of the most convenient ways by which you get appropriate medical attention and care without stepping outdoors. According to researchers, in-home care services offered in this country ranked amongst the best ten in the whole world. So, what should you do if you need a specialist to look after you at your house?


Understanding the term

The best Home Health Care Center in Dubai is available at alhanan-hns.ae, but what is it about? It’s a unique form of service offered by medical facilities of various types where you receive what you need while enjoying the convenience of your home. These services are superb for elderly folks, people recovering from illnesses or accidents, sportspeople, and pregnant women.


The services provided

A Health Care Center in Dubai can offer different types of services tailored specifically for you. These include providing laboratory reports, physiotherapy, palliative care, nursing services, medicine delivery, and helping patients recover from strokes or other similar issues. You can also avail of these services if you’re recovering from surgery, require post-discharge care, disease management, or if there’s an elderly individual who needs attention.


For citizens

The Ministry of Health and Prevention oversees these services, and they made it free-of-cost for all citizens of the country. According to the ministry delegates, these services are for aged citizens and determined individuals who don’t have access to it. The ultimate purpose of the providers is to make these patients feel safe and support them in a family-centric environment without interfering in their privacy or undermining their dignity. These services further negate the load on medical facilities and the complications that may arise from persistent diseases.


The factors

As already mentioned earlier, you can avail of these services for free if you’re a citizen of the nation. However, you should also know that these services are specifically for the people of the country. You can opt for these services if you have someone in your house with mental illnesses, bedridden individuals, paralyzed people, aged people, etc. Also, if the patient is unable to write his/her signature, the guardian should sign an acknowledgment form.



If you wish to utilize these services for free, then you have to provide specific documents. These include a valid Emirates ID card, a legitimate health card, one passport-sized photograph, and an all-encompassing medical report.


The steps

First of all, you must submit the documents to the healthcare center mentioned above, or the one that you prefer. Secondly, you have to make an appointment with the team that will visit your property and assesses the situation. Thirdly, if the team acknowledges the condition of the patient, then he/she has to sign an acknowledgment form. The guardian of the patient can also do it if he/she is unable. Fourthly, every individual of the family will receive detailed information as to why the patient requires extra care. Finally, you have to schedule the visits.



Now, you may be wondering what facilities you would get if you’re an expatriate. Well, every resident of the country can make use of these services. Hundreds of service providers operate throughout the nation, including medical centers and multispecialty hospitals. However, you have to make sure whether your insurance covers these services or not. You also have to inspect the license of the service provider.

What Are The Benefits Of Home Care Physiotherapy Services

Physiotherapy is an alternative form of treatment that improves the functionality of the movable regions of your body. With it, you can recuperate faster from injuries sustained while playing a physically taxing game. It’s also effective for those who suffer from illnesses and physical disabilities. Older people need physiotherapy too. It will reduce pain, enhances recovery, and decreases long-term damage that often results in other injuries. If you turn a blind eye to these issues, then you will regret it later. It’s also worth mentioning here that it’s suitable for everyone, regardless of their age or gender. Most people don’t realize that in-home therapy can be an excellent option. Here are a few reasons why you should opt for in-home services.


Faster progress

Home Care Physiotherapy Services are available at alhanan-hns.ae. One of the best things about receiving in-home care is that you tend to recuperate faster. It’s a psychological effect, which is also somewhat indescribable. Nevertheless, treatment works better on you when you feel comfortable and relaxed, and it happens because you’re inside familiar surroundings. Furthermore, the elimination of distractions allows both the physiotherapist and you to remain focused.


More comfortable:

As already mentioned earlier, you feel more comfortable when you remain inside familiar surroundings. However, it’s one such benefit of Home Care Physiotherapy Services that deserves its own point. Very few people feel at ease wherever they go, but even these people don’t like staying inside a medical facility. Understandably, receiving it at home is much more relaxing, enjoyable, and rejuvenating. Besides, if your mind remains comfortable, then you’ll recuperate faster than usual.



This particular form of treatment includes enlightening the patient with information and giving him/her the tools required that can aid him/her in his/her own recovery. If a specialist visits you at your home, then the person will surely give additional recommendations and even modify the procedure based on your preferences. It’s almost impossible to give enough time to one patient inside a clinic because many others will be waiting outside for their turn.


Getting rid of hurdles

While many people can benefit from physiotherapy, certain circumstances can prevent them from receiving adequate treatment. For instance, they may not be in a position to travel to the clinic. Even if they are capable enough to drive, they may encounter heavy traffic. There won’t be any such problem if you simply summon a physiotherapist to your house.


Perfect for disabled people

Both disabled individuals and high-risk patients can’t afford to put themselves at risk. In fact, nobody even wants them to make their way to a clinic. Transporting disabled individuals is totally out of the question. High-risk individuals, on the other hand, suffer from illnesses that compromise their mobility. Naturally, they would be in a safer position if they received in-home services. They may even be able to ditch the “high-risk” tag if they receive the right treatment.



It goes without saying that resorting to in-home services is incredibly convenient for everyone. You get to enjoy the flexibility of summoning a professional at your premises at your own schedule. Sometimes, physiotherapists even offer treatment to their patients at their workplace or any other convenient location. Since you can eliminate the need to travel, you manage to save time. You will also be able to keep other appointments that you may have.


Final thoughts

Apart from the ones mentioned above, you get to save some money as you don’t have to travel. Getting a physiotherapist to treat you at your house is much more economical. So, now you know why in-home physiotherapy is the best possible option. If you wish to recover from your mobility-related problems, then contact a physiotherapist at the earliest.


What Do You Need To Know About Medical Care during Pregnancy

Prenatal care incorporates taking care of a pregnant woman. Resorting to prenatal care as early as possible and doing it frequently will help the about-to-be-mother and her baby immensely. Additionally, monitoring the lady consistently will allow the doctors to pinpoint and fix any issue as soon as it appears. The best thing to do is to start prenatal care as early as you can. In fact, you should consider doing it much before the woman enters the pregnancy stage.


How to find

Now, you may be wondering where you should look for prenatal care service providers. Well, you only need to visit www.alhanan-hns.ae and hire the services of a specialist of Health Care for Pregnant Women. Otherwise, you can speak to obstetricians or gynecologists. These doctors should be able to guide you. Family practitioners can also help. Or, if you know any certified nurse-midwife, then you can ask her to take care of the would-be mother.


Visiting and testing

Every Health Care for Pregnant Women regimen should include routine visiting and testing. You must call and schedule an initial check during the first six to eight weeks. You can also do it if your periods happen two to four weeks later than usual. Many specialists often avoid scheduling the first visit until after the first eight weeks. If there are complications, then you may have to go to a doctor earlier. Otherwise, your schedule would include visiting a doctor every four weeks until the twenty-eighth week. The frequency will increase with time. You have to go to the doctor every two weeks until thirty-six weeks. Finally, you’ll need to pay a visit to the specialist once every week until delivery.


Prenatal testing

Parents often choose to undergo prenatal testing. It helps the healthcare service providers ascertain chromosomal disorders or other birth defects in the fetus. These tests usually take place during the first, second, and third trimesters. Some of these are simply for screening purposes as they don’t do anything more than reveal the possibility of an issue. Others are diagnostic in nature. These tests can ascertain whether the fetus suffers from a specific problem or not.


Common concerns

Some would-be mothers often worry about existing medical conditions, including diabetes. They wish to find out how it can affect pregnancy. Indeed, it’s mandatory to speak to a doctor about such problems. They may change the patient’s treatments or medicines to ease her concerns. Other pregnancy-related disorders include gestational diabetes, pregnancy toxemia, or Rh incompatibility. With the presence of an in-home care provider, you can rest easy knowing that you have a specialist to look after you.


Gaining weight and diet

Pregnancy requires a woman to consume more food than usual because she has to sustain her own body and provide nutrition to the fetus. Naturally, they tend to gain weight. Women with normal body-weight will gain around twenty-five to thirty-five pounds. Overweight ladies, on the other hand, should gain about fifteen to twenty-five pounds. Finally, if you’re underweight, your weight will increase by twenty-eight to forty pounds. It’s worth mentioning here that controlling weight is much more difficult in the later stages of pregnancy. If you wish to stay healthy, make sure that you avoid becoming overweight.


Final words

When you become pregnant, your body experiences several physical changes. Some of those alterations are entirely new. You may not always feel comfortable discussing those matters with your doctor. Some people wish to know whether they can indulge in sexual pleasure or what they should do about constipation, hemorrhoids, or delivery. No matter how many questions you have, you should prepare and list and present them to your doctor without hesitation.